Our Curriculum

Bronte Heights is dedicated to providing children with a safe and secure environment where each child feels comfortable to explore and build confidence through carefully planned activities, environment and daily routine.

Our unique program incorporates Reggio Emilia’s collaborative artistic program, Montessori’s indirect teachings and practical life experiences and High/Scope’s play to learn.

At Bronte Heights we value learn through play as part of our integrated curriculum. Great attention to the detail of each classroom environment and a carefully designed program incorporates active learning and the plan-do-review process

At Bronte Heights we provide two individualized reports annually assessing your child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical progress. As well as a daily communication notebook that allows you to follow your child’s daily routine.

Our Teachers

Our teachers prepare academic lessons that are age appropriate. Each child is then given an individual workbook that has been developed for their specific skills and ability. School readiness is achieved by introducing the Kindergarten curriculum as early as preschool in a non-competitive environment. The proven benefits of “learn through play” are social skills, decision making, problem solving and creativity

Our Program

Bronte Heights is proud to offer a variety of programs that are engaging and responsive to each unique child at each stage of development. Children will have the opportunity to experience multiculturalism through art, music and French language classes. Express their creativity through dance, drama, baking and creative arts. Build self-esteem through activities such as book buddies and increasing flexibility and concentration with gymnastics and yoga while also reducing stress levels.